Is WordPress Themes Market Going Down?

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From past few months, I am seeing huge downfall in sales of my WP themes. Not only that Alexa ranking of most of the theme shops is going down.

What do you all think about it? Do we as theme authors need to worry about it or it is temporary?

Looking for your feedback

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Seems like nobody has thoughts on this?

The market is downgrade slowely but steadily, every month the market will generate less earnings due for saturation of the market, so the future will not be better but more difficult for me, I think here is happening the same thing that is happening on app store like Google Play or Apple store. Too much contents, impossible find what you are looking for due to the elevated amount of items, downgrade of sales for all items.

But the visibility of the item stay high for now, I think best way to earn is to create something of innovative and unique.


But creating something innovative and unique also doesn’t sell without marketing. It is tough to survive in WP themes market for newbies when elite authors are not getting much sales.

Lots of things to say but there’s not enough time for it

You can atleast start saying something about it. I would love to know about it.

No point anyway, no one listens

Yep, sharp decline across the board. If you have been paying attention, a lot of the old theme shops have gone away or switched to different business models than just selling themes. It isn’t enough to just release themes anymore. You have to invest heavily in marketing as well.

Can you give me examples of few such theme shops?

I am here to listen. You can go ahead.

The latest to make headlines is Headway themes. See You may also want to read this

That’s what Google trend is saying about Wordpress Theme so it might be in line with your opinion…but most of all I would try to understand Why this is happening…and where demand is going…because Wordpress itself is still over the top!

So every body needs to seek other alternate for sustain.

I meant someone from Envato, thanks for the interest but we could discuss it for long but it won’t change anything.

My item just approved a few days ago, but the traffic is huge drop down, it seems totally zero today :slight_smile:

That’s a big reason to worry. I wonder where the customers are going.

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is it your theme gone in second page? or still in First page? Because that peak in a day is not a matter that customers are going some where else…I mean it’s a good result problem is that id doesn’t last.

The price wars have begun. You can checkout the theme prices in the top sellers list. I am not sure about the market going down, but it seems the benefit of working with Envato is no longer there. I used to think that Envato is like, we focus on building great apps and they take care of the rest but now we to focus on a lot of things like, pricing, marketing, advertising. So in the long/short run the “quality” of items would go down and the innovation factor would definitely go down, I think we’ve been observing this trend already.

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You are right. It was the best part of Envato. We just needed to focus on items and they were taking care of everything else. Now its tough. It is good to sell on our own shops now if one has marketing skills.

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We had our first theme published a few weeks ago but the number of visits from themeforest was surprisingly small considering how large their user base is.