Is this what you call a "review" ?

So I got a soft rejection for stupid things like

1) Please remove the social media icons from the main files and the preview image.
2) Unfortunately, your file does not document links to fonts used in one or both of the required locations.

1) Ok so why am I saying those are stupid things ? So this was from a large bundle with multiple projects. It said to remove the social icons from main files and preview… Besides the fact that I still don’t get why you are not allowed to use social icons it’s beyond me… So it said to remove them from both main files and preview… ok, fair enough right ? No. There were no social icons in the main files, only the preview so why it said to remove them from the main files ? What main files ??

2) About the fonts… the fonts were genuinely documented with links to every font used in those projects, so I really don’t know what the hell is going on.

Question: Do reviewers actually look over the files they receive or they just look at the preview and say “welp… this is not good” Really ?

I won’t say the name of the reviewer but you know who you are.

The bottom line here is that I write this for other people to be aware of this reviewing problem. We talked about this many times and nobody listens to us… Don’t get me wrong, I am aware that there must be a huge number of files send but either pay attention to your job / what you are doing or simply hire more reviewers. You would think a large company like envato would have the budget to do so. No ? Just me ?


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Maybe he made just a mistake. Normally they are very accurate in reviewing and sometimes, when they give some hard rejection, they also give some help tips even if ehy shouldn’t.
But I understend the frustration. Anyway, it’s a soft rejection… Just remove the social icon from the preview image and leave a comment explaining the issue occured. :sparkles:

Of course, and I will do just that. I have been on envato for 5 years and I can tell you that those things happen quite often depending of course how often you post something. I think I know how it works from the point of view of an author. And is not really frustration as much as it’s confusion as to why those sorts of things still happen. And think that saying we need more reviewers is not that bad of a thing, is it ?

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yeah Dude, as you have understood, I’m new in Envato authors. In my short experience, I never experienced this particularly kind of situation, instead, they have been always accurate and specific in soft and hard rejections. I will keep it in mind for the future. Good luck and good sales :sparkles:

Yeah, please do keep it in mind because it’s not that of a isolated problem as it sounds. Great sales to you too.

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