Is this truly rejectable?

I think this is a great timelapse. The only comment I have is about the foreground, there is nothing happening and having some plants moving is not very aesthetic to me. The timelapse is great but not the composition! You could have used something more interesting on your foreground or zoom more to see the mountains and the clouds but nothing in front of it!

I agree with everything Emericlb said. To make the jittery movements of the plants a little less noticeable next time (if you can’t avoid them) it might be better to use a ND filter so you can use a longer shutter speed. This will add motion blur and make the movements much smoother. You can also experiment with adding some motion blur in post editing in After Effects.

I also agree that the composition isn’t the strongest, although I do love the colours and the clouds. Having said all this, I think there are worse looking timelapses that made it into the market. I think there’s much competition and standards are pretty high nowadays, especially for these sunset type timelapses.

Good luck and don’t give up!

Thank you for your advice , I will take them into consideration!

Yeah , I was thinking at the fact there are worse timelapses on this market, but my goal is to make them look perfect anyway. I didn’t use any ND filter. I’ll have to buy one. Thank you for your explanations!

I think this a very useful guide:

His work is amazing too for inspiration.

Thank you! There are truly some good tips!

And watch out for the noise and artefacts in the dark clouds. I can’t see any from a quick look… but having had a 600D, I know it can be a problem.