Is this track suitable for the jungle?


So I am almost ready with this Electro House song and I’m wondering if I should upload it to Audiojungle.
Are this kind of tracks sells well? What do you think?

Thanks! :slightly_smiling:


In my opinion, yes it`s very suitable for AJ. But fade in and fade out can be a problem and possible reason for rejection. Maybe you can try to fix it before uploading.

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It’s just a small part of the track. That is the reason for the fade :slight_smile: It will be 3-4 minutes long. Thank you :slight_smile:

Nice sounds man :+1: Gonna try work on something like that soon

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Nice track, definitely has some marketplace value. Good Job!

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Thanks guys. I’m still struggling with the melody, maybe I shouldn’t have started with the drop :smiley: I will upload it in a few days :slightly_smiling:

nice groove

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Thank you! I’m almost ready to send it for review :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested it’s approved! :slightly_smiling:

Add some sidechain on the 0:11 synth :smiley: Great track it will be aproved for sure :slightly_smiling:

It is approved :slightly_smiling:

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Nice congrats!

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