Is this track really deserved for reject? need feedback

Hello everyone

is it really deserved for reject?
on my opnion, this track is OK, but reviewer team dont think so ^)

I love it

Stakato violins sound not commercial, rather rhythm non-commercial, although the idea is cool)

Everything is fine.

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I think the problem is the mix. I mean the string sounds are too dry

Hi Salabaiko,
first of all really nice track with a natural build up.
I think most parts of your songs are totally fine.
I see some problems with the strings though. Like ihsandincer said, they are pretty dry, but this is not the main problem. To me it sounds like strings that are played on a piano. No real strings would or even could play them like that. You have probably used one string patch for the main motive, maybe try to differentiate and give the bass notes to Bass players and the higher staccato parts to violins etc. this would probably help with the realism. Also try to add more depth by giving some instruments more reverb to put them more into the background, everything sounds very upfront and the listener doesn’t really know where to focus.
Hope that helps and good look with the next submissions!

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Yes… the strings seem to be the main issue… moreover, I found them too loud… maybe reducing the gain you can get more balance.
I would like to help with a new opinion… While I listened your track, I have realized that you have composed a big epic track! In the right I listened some ethereal pads that have broken me a little bit… but it’s just me, maybe for other ears it’s right.
Hope this can helps… :slight_smile:
Good luck! :smiley:

thanks to all guys, good luck with sales! we need it!

big thanks for your advices and review!