Is this track ready to submit ?

Hello everyone !

I post this message because I need your help! as some people know, my rejection rate here is very very very very very very (x100000000000000) high and I have a hard time getting back on track :slight_smile: (Even if things get better step by step)

Do you think this track is ready for upload?
I moved and changed rooms to work, my ears are a bit lost so I try to do the best!

Thank you in advance for those who will take the time to listen and give their opinion :slight_smile:

PS: Have tact and respect in your answers, and if the tact is not your forte, avoid commenting, my rejection rate being high enough I think it is not necessary to rub salt in the wound ! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hey @Osynthw,

Cool track! I dig the smooth vibe :slight_smile:

In my opinion, the bass is a bit weak and could use a punchy treatment. I think the kick doesn’t fit in too well in the part at the 50 second mark (not a huge issue, maybe it just need to have its higher frequencies left out).

You’ll need to work a bit more on the outro, as it is now, it’s way too abrupt and a bit bland.

Maybe a part without the kick could help the song breathe a bit more (that’s more of a personal choice, don’t know if it would have an impact on admission/rejection)

I don’t know if this one would be accepted or rejected, but it’s possible that your rejection record may work against you here, so I thik it’s worth polishing a bit more. In any case, you’re not far off :slight_smile:


Salut :slight_smile:

Merci pour ton retour ! Je vais suivre tes conseils, et voir ce que je peux faire. Concernant la basse je pense que c’est facilement réglable :slight_smile:
Pour le Kick durant la partie plus smooth ça me semble un peu plus compliqué à régler, donc peut-être qu’une partie sans kick à ce moment pourrait aider ? et ça m’éviterai de trop me casser la tête !! Et sinon que penses tu d’un auto-filter sur la partie du kick justement, durant ce break, pour avoir quelque chose d’un peu plus aérien et plus “montant” ?

Pour l’outro est - ce que ça passerai si je reprenais un peu le début de la mélodie par exemple ?

Je pense qu’effectivement au vu de mon taux de rejets, je suis un peu “”“Black listé”" même si ces derniers temps j’ai eu de plus en plus d’'approval !

Je vais modifier tout ça , j’envoie un prochain exemple

Merci encore !!!

Thanks to your advice, I manage to improve my track !

I’m happy with the result so to me it’s ready to submit, because I need to compose new stuff to stay productive. I’m not scared about the review process on other website so I know this track will have some place and some visibility out from Aj. But I really want to be approved here, so don’t hesitate to tell me if issues are still here or if you think I can move on and if this track is great at it is :slight_smile:

Thanks !

@PurpleFog Thanks a lot ! My track was approved :smiley:

@MojoSoundtrack Thanks too for all the feedback and advice :slight_smile:

Thanks to the reviewer !!!


Hey @Osynthw,

Didn’t have a chance to listen to your improved version before you removed it from this thread, but just had a listen to the published track.

Great job! The bass is now much fuller and the “kick alone” part is much nicer with the kick now well integrated. I still think the ending is too abrupt though! :wink:

Congrats on getting approved :sunglasses:

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I’m happy if the result fit more with your thought ! It was interesting to improve it!

I’m agree with you for the ending, but after different try, I didn’t find the right things sooo I just keep it as it was ! But make sure that now I will really work more with the ending :wink: