Is this track ready for submission? Any feedback is appreciated!

Can anyone tell me if this track is up to quality standards before I submit? Thank you for any feedback!

Hello! In my opinion, mixing sounds dirty and foggy. I think this track is not ready for submission. Almost the entire arrangement is poorly “read”. Try to listen to the top tracks in the same genre!
Good luck!

Hi, I am by no means entitled to judge your music but I think the mix is not clear and as I would like you to avoid receiving a “hard reject” as I know very well what that means for a composer, my suggestion is to check the bass (lacks definition), the claps (they are always identical and sound robotic), the eq of the guitar (sounds not so brilliant) and the kick drum, which is ok somehow but it stands out too much. Also, the file sounds too “mono” for my ears. Please take my comments with a grain of salt as I am also learning.