Is this track of bad quality?

Hi all!
Please give me feedback - is this track really bad quality that will be rejected?

Thank you

Basically your item title is totally misleading.

• a waltz should be written in 3/4 beat, your track has 4/4
• a waltz is mostly a piece with a happy mood. To bring a waltz together with war is something weird - but okay, something creative new could be a surprise
• I was expecting something dramatic music in 3/4 beat, which will express the mood of a war. What you have written is a series of a happy 2 bar Piano pattern with some voice samples. Not really a song evolving.
• your mix is dull

So, the rejection was obvious in my opinion.

Thank you for your answer!
War Waltz is creative name how associated with that music. Reviewer not rejected music with name Fashion, right?

In any case, if the problem was in the title, then it would be a soft rejection.

This mix is no worse than the previous 6 tracks in this style. Check it - SoundSkater - Portfolio | AudioJungle

I think the track simply doesn’t sound commercial enough.

Thank you for the answer!

I would like to add that your track is too long for a stock and commercial purpose. Or it’s start to be too much repetitive. You need to add more variations etc.
If I were you I would try to have it shorter like 1:30 / 2 min, re-work on the mix (piano sound, and also more layering, like pads on side or strings), and also you have to build a clear and straight forward feeling. Mixed genre could be a good idea, but customer has to have a clear and easy comprehension while listening to your music. And your track sound more like an Hip-Hop work to me, so you should go for hip-hop with this one !

there’s some interesting stuff in this track which work for stock, but you just need to have it more a bit commercial and standardized in my opinion ! Also listening to your other track, I found your other work better for sure, composition / commercial viability and mix ! But it’s happening for all of us so just move on !

Good luck :slight_smile:

Hmm. Thank you very much for the answer)

Don’t get me wrong, this is a good track of course ! 5english is not my main language, so maybe my words were a bit clumsy :slight_smile: )

My too)

Helpful comments from others. Just wanted to add that I really enjoyed the track!