is this the way you treat us Envato? Where is the Justice?

Hi people,

Sorry, I’m still feeling frustrated and upset with this situation.

It’s happened two years ago, and it’s happened again.

Two days ago I got this message when I tried to log in my two accounts (Adoberashad and Flyersking)

“Sorry, it looks like you’re currently locked out of your account. Please contact Help Team for more details.”

What is the guilt I did to be punished?

Here is my story, after reading you guys judge.

Two years ago, I had two accounts. one of my friends creates his own account. he didn’t have Payoneer account that time, so he asked me for a favor, he wants to link his Envato account with my Payoneer card until he creates his own account. I said why not, no problem.

His Envato account name was (YoussefGFX).

After a period of time, his account got banned (because of copyright stuff). the next day my two account’s has been banned also. I emailed the support team, they told me that my account linked with (YoussefGFX). so they made me pay the other’s fault.

I said to myself (I deserve that, I shouldn’t link his account with my Payoneer card) and from that day we don’t speak with each other.

So, I created two new accounts which are (Adoberashad and Flyersking) and worked hard to build my portfolio, I had quit my job to focus on my working here. loved the work here.

Now, after two years Envato locked out my accounts again. I was shocked and asked myself what is the mistake I did this time? So I emailed them and they forward the same stupid message again.

“You have been previously disabled for copyright under account YoussefGFX. This ban applies across all your accounts.”

I said what the hell is that, what? what? who?.

This happened two years ago, and there is no longer account names YossoufGFX

I have emailed them again to clarify this Injustice decision but no response.

This makes no sense, is this the way you treat us Envato?

So please, any help? I want my accounts back again.


I have three accounts. If I do something that warrants getting banned on one account, it would make sense that I would get banned on the other two as well. The easiest way for them to find my other accounts would be to go by my name or my payment details. Payment details is probably more reliable anyway… it’s pretty simple for me to put my name as John Smith, but a bit harder to enter different payment details that will actually result in me being sent my money.

So it makes complete sense that a banned account using your payment details would result in a another banned account which is also using your payment details.

However, if you’ve not broken the rules, then in theory… you shouldn’t be banned. The best thing you can do is to get in touch with support, explain the situation, and hopefully they can sort it out. Although, you shouldn’t have been letting other people use your payment details in the first place, and it’s going to be difficult to prove that you’re not actually the other guy who got banned… so I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much.

I am afraid to say I agree with envato entirely on this. @SpaceStockFootage may well be right and support may take the decision to help but on merit, they are completely right.

  1. allowing someone to use your payment account (irrelevant of any good intention) would almost certainly be fraud. I understand that you accepted the first ban but the point here is that in the case of something as potentially serious as that then it is not unexpected to see that envato has a way to protect themselves.

  2. if envato did not act this way then authors could be banned one day and just open a new account the next so there has to be a precautionary approach.

I didn’t make any violation in two years with my new accounts, Envato has the right to ban me If I had broken any rules using this two accounts.

So, I will just keep getting banned because of YoussefGFX. even if I tried to open another account, they will block me after 10 years. Sorry, this seems ridiculous to me.

The support doesn’t even bother to response :disappointed:

If an account is banned now, then yes, it will also be banned in 10 years. Not entirely sure what’s so ridiculous about that.

As for being banned because of the other dude, well you shouldn’t have let him use your financial account. Just like lending somebody your library card and them not bringing back the books, or lending somebody your car and them getting a speeding ticket… it’s really not that ridiculous that the letters asking for payment are going to be addressed to you.

Support probably aren’t getting back to you because it’s the middle of the night on a Sunday. Give it time.

I know I did a mistake when I linked his account with my Payoneer account two years ago but he is no longer linked, the question here why Envato didn’t prevent me from the beginning, why they wait two years after the hard work I spent on building my items, they closed my account? does that make sense for you?

I’m going to wait. Hopefully they will reply and take another look in this matter.

I’ve no idea why it’s been done now rather than two years ago… but the ‘over $10K’ in sales you’ve made in the meantime, should make up for the delay slightly.

I don’t think is fair that he should pay for what happened two years ago, it is ridiculous, he is saying that in this two years of hard work he didn’t broke any rule so what it dosen’t make any sense to be blocked. Just my thoughts on this.

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Yes, I paid for that once, even I don’t have to pay other`s fault, but it happened.

And now again, after two years, that’s too much.

So, I hope @KingDog or any of support team can help me.

Yeah, I kind of agree… I’m just saying that a ban is a ban, they don’t expire after a certain amount of time. He’s welcome to dispute the reason for the ban to try and get it lifted… but a ban that is justified doesn’t really become unjustified after two, five, ten years.

Its frustrated to punish you after 2 years for small wrong you have made before
I support you and hope they return you account back

They were unjust from the beginning when they banned my accounts. I told them that (YoussefGFX) was not my account but they did not believe me.

They had to warn me that I can not create a new account. Or set certain conditions to create a new one. Not after two years forwarding the same stupid email banned message.

And for that, I’m afraid I can’t create any accounts in the future because I will get banned again, maybe after 4 years this time.

Besides that, I have money in my accounts and suddenly I lose it, is not that a steal?

I hope that bro.

  1. I trusted that person, but ok I know it was a mistake. and I will not do that again (which that what happened in two years). Also if he breaks the rules I will just ban him, I don’t care about the other accounts as long as they are not doing any violation. But it’s Envato rules. At least they should mention it down in their terms.

  2. I don’t have any problem if they banned me the next day or the next month. But after two years, come on?