Is this stupid or just disrespectful from reviewers?

So many times items are soft rejected because there was a keyword that is not allowed or a link is not accurate or something minor that would take reviewer much less time to correct than to return item as soft rejected. So many times I had to wait twice when by just changing a link or a word item could have been online in seconds. Once they returned a pack because in the title I didn’t put word “pack”. Are you telling me that they are so busy they didn’t have time to add “Pack” to the title ?
What is this? Why do reviewers do that? Because it is not their job? What about just being helpful and nice. Costs nothing.
I just wanted to say that because I’m so frustrated because it seems to me as they are doing that “just because we can”.
Does anyone has same experience?

Yes, cost nothing, that probably give you an idea, cost nothing for authors too, no? :wink:

It is not about to edit or correct one item, is about to correct A LOT of items, that is why is not their job, is our.
We can make a mistake, but we can fix that mistake too, is our job write correctly.
And i write this being an author with a HARD rejected because i had another track with the same name :upside_down_face:


Hi @ChocoMoco,

It’s really not their job. Their job is to find out the issue and let the author know and when all will be fine then approve for sale. So that author can make necessary changes. And author can know the correct things and be aware for the next item(s). Also author is the copyright owner and all things need to come from the author. author should know important things like keyword stuffing.


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Here I am completely on the side of the reviewers.
This is the only way to teach us to take a more careful approach to our items before sending it for review.

I stand with the reviewers side on this one too. It’s not their business to correct your item, their job is to find potential issues and let you know. No other intervention on your own item

So… you’re mad because reviewers do not do your job?! Wow…

Reviewer is right, don’t make this type of mistakes in your next projects