Is this slogan bad?

Is this slogan bad ??
Until he is rejected … knowing that he is beautiful and classy.

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This is a great logo and there are no mistakes, but it is up to the references you should lift it again

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Thanks for the solution:قلب:

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hi this is clearly not the slogan that led u to be hard rejected but other reasons …

1- logo style
too detailed … here they consider the logo in very small size and details in small size basically do not look good … though the logo is very creative indeed

2- typo
sorry to tell you the ugly truth but honestly the logo is very bad typo wise … it looks like a kid thing , thous not in keeping with what this is standing for, this is not aesthetic either nor particularly original … font combinations are lacking as well …

3- contrast
this is a major design principle and it turns out that your texts are not popping out enough this is resulting in a weak hierarchy, a weak readability and too small impact visually

4- incompatibility with technical requirements
well the problem with what u have right here this is that u cannot keep it as such depending on circumstances … they ask u to provide them with a black and white version … so u think this is compatible with glows, shadows and so on? everything that u have here will definitely look way flatter without all the things that i mentioned …

5- concept
sorry but if i understand the general concept i clearly fail to understand what this big blue water drop like shapes stands for … this makes very little sense with the rest of the logo concept …


Thank you very much

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Thank you very much n2n44

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u are welcome, happy if i could help u :slight_smile:

if u feel like that u had enough material for u to bring your item to the next level and potentially have it accepted after reworking it, pls check the “solution” box

Hi my friend I have been rejected again … What is your advice

hi buddy focus on typo … lots of guys do not want to figure this out but here this is almost the only focus no matter what is the graphic category that u are uploading to …

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