Is this real?

I check that page for the third day and these numbers did not changed. Anyone can confirm that the WP review time has really decreased to one day?


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1 day first review and 30 days in soft rejects.

The other 30 days soft rejects depends on your product quality.

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That’s not quite true. I had soft reject cause it was Wordpress and not WordPress written. So 2 days fot this. Another 2 days because you put a space after a comma and you shouldn’t, lol. That’s a week lost for 2 dumb things.

If they made it clear within their rules then you can’t complain… Read Name & Description section here

I can complain because it is nothing obvious written there. Please don’t feed me these rules like I’m here for 1 month.

The review system is at most mediocre.

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The soft rejections reasons is another subject.
Good to know that the review process takes less time now.

Don’t be hard on yourself.

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