Is this ready for submitting to Audio Jungle - in the style of Coldplay... ish?



I have been playing around with this track for a while now and need some feedback please.

It’s for the corporate category.


Hey @mechanism-music,

Sounds good! I reckon it would be accepted, but there are a few improvements you could make to the mix.

Some quick comments:

  • The whole track could be a tad brighter, but it’s hard to tell with SoundCloud’s annoying compression, so if you think it has ample high-end, leave it as is.

  • The stereo-imaging / soundstaging needs some work. At the moment it sounds quite narrow. Try panning some of the background instruments to widen the mix and create more working space. If you’ve applied delay post-recording, you might want to try ping-pong delay for the main muted guitar riff - it usually gives a nice spatial quality.

  • Things get especially busy at the 2-minute mark; there are quite a few instruments fighting over the mid-frequencies. Firstly, I would bring down the background guitars playing the higher notes as they sound a little overpowering. Secondly, I would try panning them to widen the soundstage and give the mix more space. Also, make sure to EQ out any unnecessary frequencies in each instrument to make space for other instruments to occupy. This will help to reduce overall muddiness and ‘frequency-fighting’.

Overall, I think it’s a great track. The review team seems to love live instruments, so you stand a very good chance at being accepted :wink:

Good luck!



I like it, as aurusAudio said, it sounds a little bit muddy and boxy, try to brihten it a bit and spread it. But in the terms of style, I think that this is good for AudioJungle :wink:


nice work! I think you’ll have no problem getting it on the AJ. I would follow up on what aurus and WaveToys said and echo that you could definitely use some width in the mix.


Thanks guys for the advice, just what I was looking for.

Thank you AurusAudio for the detailed comments…
I’ll have a closer listen to the imaging and eq - I agree that the sound-staging/imaging is quite narrow and needs to be widened out. I’ll check the inserted delays.



Nice work mm, :+1:
and good advices from AA already. :sunglasses:

TBH, I miss the drums. They need more punch, especially the snare sounds a bit soft and laid back.

I hope I could help. Good luck with it! :four_leaf_clover:


I tuned the snare down a bit, I may reset it - that should help with the punch.


Well, this could help. :wink:

Additional I would give more crisp (right word?), I mean just a bit more treble/brilliance to the HiHat and SD. Although more low end to the bass and BD. That would make the whole sound brighter and bring it out of the quite overloaded midrange.

IMHO :wink:

EDIT: Hhmmm… heared it again now a bit louder. Now I’m not sure about the low end anymore. :slight_smile:


I dropped an expander into the master buss and that brightened it up quite a bit.

I’ll post my new efforts dreckly!


Here’s a 2nd mix:

I’ve looked at all the areas mentioned by you guys, so…

…does it sound… :grinning: or …:grin:


Yeah, nice one. Much better IMHO.

You can kill us now when it gets rejected. haha :joy:


I’ll just cry instead :cry:


nice work - good luck!


Thanks for the encouragement :slightly_smiling: