Is this project bad?

Hello community friends,

We started a topic a few days ago because our first theme - magician on our portfolio - sales completely froze after the initial exposeture on themeforest, and we felt kind of disappointed because we invested almost half a year on this project that we love so much. Of course that if you commit yourself with something, you want to see the results of that.

As you can see we are generating more traffic since then, yesterday we made 374 visits and still no sales.

Is our project bad? Perhaps we are doing something wrong… We have good reviews and rating from the few costumers we made so far…

We have no clue at all because all we have is statistics of number of visits from themeforest and nothing more. There is no data to work on and it is kind of frustrating.

I’ll start my second theme soon, but I don’t want to start until I understand the mechanism of exposeture and until I feel that I did everything I could to make this theme successful. I am even thinking about investing $500 on a paid review to generate traffic and better SEO ranking.

Could any of you give us advice? Did you experience one of your itens being frozen and managed to get back good sales?

Many many thanks!

This is what our reviewers have been saying… :slight_smile:

Hi there!

I’ve heard multiple times within the last month about sales drop. By the way there is a topic named “What happened to sales?! ( Sales Drop? )” where this question has been put on community discussions. Feel free to check it.

Now, an opinion, there are periods when an item receives traffic without too many sales, so don’t worry and don’t panic.:slight_smile:

Keep up the good work on getting good reviews & sales…

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I’d add that what you have created is quite unique and will be great for some buyers but probably has a much smaller target audience than the more generic style themes.


Thank you :slight_smile:

It is good to know that it is a common issue.

This item was having one - two sales per day on first week and dropped to zero until today.

I think the best to do is to keep working of better projects anyway.[quote=“charlie4282, post:4, topic:74187”]
audience than the more generic style the
[/quote]Thank you ThemeSLR for you feedback… yes we are going to keep creating :wink:

So… in other words… we should be unique but not to much unique :slight_smile:

There’s nothing wrong with unique but it will always limit potential audiences and buyers.

There’s a reason the big selling files are all similar styles and why authors tend not to go too creative in a stock marketplace. You can always take subtle and unique features,elements etc. to styles with wider wider.

Right or wrong designing for a marketplace like his is different from regular web work and it comes down to what your primary goal is.

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