Is this possible to code ?

Is this can be done with css ?
Another question : If you have crossed your mind with an idea for your design that is impossible to code would you do it anyway or that is considered to be a crime ?

You might be able to do this with CSS3 filters and multiple layers. HTML5 canvas could be of possible use as well.

CSS3 Filter Demo:

In terms of complex designs like this, it boils down to the platform people will be using it on, how effective the design turns out to be once coded (not everything in our head translates properly to technology), and how necessary the feature is. The more experimental with the code you need to be, the less people will likely use the feature or potentially run into issues with it.

I don’t personally believe in advanced stuff like this being a crime, but it’s usually better to make sure your code and UX/UI is solid than spending a ton of time coding an extra feature because it sounded cool. That’s a matter of personal opinion though.


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I guess I’ll go with it then :sunglasses: Thanks @Fuselight_Media .
@petal8 WOW, that was IT. with changing the height to width and the percentage to px’s boom you have it so easy

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