Is this one step too far?

I have been a member of the Envato (Audio Jungle) ecosystem for six years and during this time I have seen many changes for the benefit for all authors. This, in my opinion, has been a brilliant ride and have been positive for the future of this marketplace. Author commission fee schedule is great, introduction of a license tier superb and ADP is the icing on the cake. What I cannot fathom out is the removal of the credit system and the benefits to buyers and organisations and their respective internal accounting and purchasing and adding a $2 handling fee which is then passed onto the customer at the checkout. I was made aware of this when sales for this week suddenly stopped and now we sit and wait for the luck of a purchase. Come on Envato start listening to customers who have already posted their dissatisfaction within the forum already. Will Elements be the final game changer?


Hi, please post in this thread: We're removing Envato Credits from Market thanks.

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