Is this ok or by Themeforest's rules?

Hi, hope everyone is well.

I’ve got a quick question as I have recently discovered a site that does this, however, I’m not sure if it’s by the site(s) rules. The site is selling a service, as a one-time setup fee to purchase a theme on behalf of the client and then setting up for them for a one-off price.

Is this allowed? Are users able to sale a service to setup a theme? Install it, set it up, get it live on the web on their hosting etc.


Nothing wrong with that. They can’t just sell on the theme ‘as is’, but if it’s a package containing the theme and a customisation/installation service of the theme, all bundled into one, then that’s no problem.

So in this case, a service offering to setup themes for a one time price of let’s say $300. Is fine?

‘Pick a theme and we will set it up for $300’.

Yep, no problem.

I am a hosting provider. I want to provide TF themes to my customer for free (of course I am purchasing one license per client from my account).
I want to install theme as it is in clients account (WordPress themes) so they can make changes as per their requirement. If they come for complete site creation then I would charge extra for customization.
Is it okay or against TF policy?

As long as you have a unique license / purchase per installation then yes it is