Is this Material Design Admin will Approve ?

Here the Url of material admin template -

Hi there!

At a first impression your item is not so bad, but there are several issues in terms of typography, simplicity, not enough features for this type of item.

####1. Typography
Try to improve the font(or change) the font/styling of headings. Also there is this font issue:

####2. Simplicity
The main chart is too simple, I suggest you to improve it or add another one more attractive(as this is for impact when you access the item);

####3. Not enough features
Try to add more features. Option to toggle the navigation menu. Right sidebar version, multiple skin colors (light/dark) etc.

####4. Missing image/icon? Or spacing issue:

I’m not saying this will be a hard rejected but even if it gets accepted, to be competitive with top selling items, then you need to add more features.


Hi Mate,
First thanks for your suggestions.
I am agree with you.
I will improve this item by update with every version.
This is just initial release for this item. more features and pages will added into future updates. i think this is enough features to get approve this admin.
Thanks again for your review time.