Is this logo Violate envato copyright?


Hello all,
I’ve created a logo for a company and i’m little bit confusion about copyright violation about this logo. is this logo violate envato copyright ? i also want to hear from envato staff, it would be help me so much.

Thank you all


could you be more specify? i just want to make sure how it is violate copyright. my concept is “leaf+e”

It looks more like bitfinex logo.

Copyright violation is always a case-by-case decision and often it can only be a subjective one, in the last instance made by a judge. So even if you find people who say it is no copyright violation, it is not like you are safe from being sued or any other proceedings.

That being said, I wouldn’t mistake it for the Envato logo so that is why I don’t see a problem here. The general leaf theme should not be a problem in my eyes.
There may be other logos it is more similar too, though.

edit: to get a reply from envato it is best to contact support.

Thanks for your info