Is this Legit?

Dear Community,

I wanted to ask if it is allowed to superficially modify the demo website of a theme using CSS (using the dev console) to showcase a theme to a potential client to help a client make a decision for or against a theme. By that I mean visiting the demo Site, changing the menue, logo etc. using the console and making a screenshot to show the client. Is there anything that speaks against his practice?

I found that showing clients the Theme adversely affects their decision making and confuses them. I do tell all my clients that I base their website on Premium themes and they also receive the license for the theme after the site is finished.

Thanks for your help!

Anyone!? Thanks for your help!

So basically it looks like what you’re going to do is a customization of a theme. As long as you purchase a regular license for each client, then there would be no problem, I think.

I don’t see why there would be any problem with using the browser dev tools to create a mock up screenshot for a client.

If you’re gonna be the person modifying the theme, there’s absolutely no problem.

That is what i do at some cases.

Thanks for the answers guys! The point here is that it’s not certain if I will purchase the theme yet. I just want to provide a mockup to the client so he/she can decide if the theme fits their requirements. I just want to make sure that there is nothing with that.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with presenting a mockup to a client. As long as you obtain the theme legally when your client approves, you’re good to go :+1:

Thanks Vlajki! Can you recommend a better way to present a mockup to a client other than editing via the dev. console? Maybe there is a better editor to achieve this?



way more work since you need to download all the fonts etc. to replicate the theme style. I find it much easier to just do the css modifications.

No problem!
If you find editing with dev console easy, go for it. I would do the same, because it’s really the easiest and fastest way to modify it. PS, as you said, is way too time consuming, and dev tools are right there in your browser.