Is this kind of security allowed

The other day i was really thinking about how to prevent your plugin to be on warez website.

I know everything can be reverse engineered. But a while back I did something with an app and it really worked out great.

I added bunch of checks to my app. And it checked everytime if the app was allowed to install on that uid.

Is it allowed to add the url of the page with the license id to a DB ? When someone activates it. It goes to your DB with the url. The next time if he wants to activate and the id is already used or not available in your DB. It will not work.

You cannot add any form of forced or stealth tracking to the products for sale here.

Some authors offer things like auto updates on WP themes which requires buyers to choose to enter a purchase ID - this creates a trackable link but key is that it is the buyers choice to do this.

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It’s more affective to put version numbers on everything so buyers can clearly see if they are using an outdated version. Anything that restricts access will always cause more support issues and take up much more time than it would spending adding new features to your item.

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that could be true but if you do it right it really works out great but if envato already bans the idea of stealth tracking then its not possible i am afraid.

It will also push their sales because the same security will also make sure that a buyer can use the bought theme/plugin on 1 website only.