Is this html template standard for themeforest ?

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You have asked the same question few times already and few people already responded your message. You can check your previous messages. The item is not ready

HI , Now i want to improve my design. Actually i need some feedback from ui/ux designer , where should i improve my design? I hope they will give me some valuable comment about my design.


I only find codes in that link, Not visible webpage. :nauseated_face:

oh , fixed. Now please check my site and give me feedback.


It has lots of spacing and typography issues !

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may be but i need main reason why my item was rejected.


The main reason is DESIGN. You are very very far from the expected result. This is a professional marketplace with top notch designers from all over the world. The competition is very fierce and your product doesn’t stand a chance of making sales even if it was hypothetically approved. A lot of free themes do better than yours.

Either practice more, or team up with a real designer who knows what he does. Otherwise, you won’t get an approval.


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Yes, your best bet, especially if you want to save a ton of time is to team up with a designer that understands Themeforest’s design standards well.

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thanks, But i want to full stack developer. Not dependent with other design.