Is this heading for an accept or reject?

Looking for some feedback please…
It’s a looped piece, but does it need more work?

Nice track! I’ve only listened on my phone so can’t comment on sound and production, but I wonder if it would be a good idea to make shorter loops and one piece with an ending? Right now its usability is limited to longer projects and would need to fade out. Just my first thought when I listened. Good luck!

Thanks for the feedback :+1:
I normally fade out but thought it would be more versatile with a loop so it could be used for any length, and faded out by the buyer?
Not sure if that’s good thinking though?

I would think many buyers would need a sting ending.

I like the chords progression, the vibe and the instrumentation. You need to make a lot more work on the mix. It sounds narrow a bit telephone-like (needs more bass, sub-bass and hi end). Instruments need to peak in their own place in the spectrum. For now it’s muddy and a bit harsh cause everything is loud in the mid one over the other or is missing low end. You could check the volume balance between instruments too (the drums are too quiet in the back and the keyboard too loud in front). I hope it can helps!

Thanks for the feedback… it was rejected probably for those reasons.