Is this good enough for submission? :)

Hi there :slight_smile:
Do you guys think my item is good enough for submission?
Thanks for your time !!


Life is risk. :wink:

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Hm… it sounds kind of familiar, where have I listened to it? :thinking:


i don’t know…I think all these corporate style have something in common, maybe yes it sounds like some item in the jungle, it could be…


In my opinion not bad, but actually for submission is hard to say, because sometimes desition of reviewers is hard to predict, therefore you should try to upload, no more :slight_smile:

cheers :slight_smile:

thank you @EliansProductions ! :slight_smile:

Your item for the corporate category possibly will not get accepted because the market is over-saturated with very similar sounding tracks and unfortunately these tracks need to be much more appealing to potential buyers. Aurus Audio and Lumen Media have really set such a high benchmark and quite rightly have had phenomenal success due to the production and arrangement that many have tried to emulate and not produced anything remarkable in this area. Sorry.

thanks @gballx I appreciate your comment :slight_smile: