Is this Flyer Ok for gr??

If not then tell me what should i change. ignore black border it’s bleed. Thanks in advance.


I think that yet no ok but you wait other author @n2n44 he know more that I, he will help you better flyer, thanks.


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Definitely not ready

  • typography needs a lot of work especially font choices and hierarchy

  • copy/paste content is lazy and feels unfinished

  • logo alignment seems odd

  • hero title needs work and feels a bit plain (not helped by font choice)

  • spacing and margins between content blocks could be improved

  • footer copy is very small and the lack of hierarchy make the layout of the 3 bits of info with one above the rest seem odd

  • it’s odd that (I get they are two different versions but still strange) the jagged divider and logo are not consistent


thanks a lot for your helpful feedback. I’ll try my best to make changes. :slight_smile:

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#weAre hehehe

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we are just joking.

Charlie gave you same advices I wanted to give you… :slight_smile: don’t worry just follow this advices because they are really usefull. Peace. :slight_smile:

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hi as for me the main problem u have here is an organization one , the lay out looks a bit random and the eye gets lost out of not knowing where to see so to speak … u have to be conscious that in most cases the reading process is a z-shape, which means that will start from top left to top right and then accross to bottom left to end up in bottom right part … u have a focus center in the mid of the document too so basically all major information must be in tp left, center of bottom right …
u have to pay attention to alignment and make sure that thing are sort of imbricating indeed, this is why the kind of shapes that u have in the mid right section are more troublesome than anything else …
u have to check the spacing inside the stripes by the way as texts look not really well arranged inside and this is hurting the overall harmony potential of your flyer
footer texts are lacking contrast
and the logo is misplaced and not popping out either …


me also.:sweat_smile:
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thank you very much it is really helpful information for me. I always appreciate your help. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to thank you all for responding my post. You guys are awesome people. :kissing_heart:

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