Is this content theft? A TOS infringement? Or a mistake?

Get Online Week is a well-funded national event in the UK. I was surprised to find a Phaser game that uses an AudioJungle loop with the embedded watermark. The game URL is

Is this really an infringement, or is it acceptable to use AJ watermarked tracks on a temporary site?

Reason for asking: I have a peripheral involvement in this campaign, and I’m not sure if I should complain to the GOW organisers without a better understanding of the context.

You can’t use Audio Jungle tracks without purchasing them for any project, whether it’s temporary or not. If the developer hasn’t purchased the track for use in the game, then it is indeed theft and a TOS infringement. It’s possible that the developer has purchased the track, but has forgotten to swap out the watermarked version, in which case, it is a mistake. In any case, it’s pretty unprofessional and you should complain.

Besides the legitimacy, audio track with a watermark is quite unprofessional and can discourage conscious clients or collaborators. So that’s why I would complain.