Is this beat not mixed right?

I tried to mix this at the best of my ability. I am not sure if it’s specifically the sound quality or maybe the arrengement or production that doesn’t fit right with Envato.

Any feedback is apprecciated.

I am not a reviewer so this is only my opinion as to why it was rejected:

Sound quality

So it’s all three. Would you please give me a bit more detail?

The first problem is fade-in. It is advisable for a track to start immediately or have a gradual but intriguing beginning. Besides the piano sounds a little cinematic for this style of music. These is the most obvious reasons and it can be fixed in a jiffy.

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Hi :slight_smile: ,

I think your track has a great start but I think it miss some stuff.

You only have piano chords, piano lead, kick, hat ,snare, vocal chops and that’s it.

IMHO, It miss some variation on almost everything, some open hat can come to end some important part. It also miss some drums loop to bring some background stuff. It also miss some reverse / sfx Sounding, transition, fills, layering and much more.

I’m not expert in this genre, but I suggest to provide better composition / modern production stuff (not so hard to make) to full fill this track, to make it bigger and more interesting to listen and obviously to interest buyer to make them buy your track !

I also suggest to reduce the duration of the track to avoid too much repetition and repeated part. I also suggest to find a more “pop” melody with piano, something easy to remind which can help the buyer to get stuck on your track.

See it like a speech, you have to start it, then lead people at some point, make them maybe come back to previous point with some change, to to lead them until the end. Your speech has to be alive :slight_smile:
(Intro → A → A’ → Bridge → B → B’ → End)
To me this is more about how produce more standard and commercial stuff more than mixing work !

Obviously you can keep this track minimalistic , but you will have too find some stuff to add on it in any case !

I hope this help,

Good luck, keep to produce, compose and don’t loose faith in your skills :slight_smile: Things come by keep to working :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for the tips. I was feeling really confused by the rejection but now you gave me a good perspective. Thank you!