Is this approved PSD design too old for WP conversion ?

I see before in forums problems with different reviewers .
I think i can redesign some things but I just want to know how other authors handle this matter.
My latest PSD item approved : [Mod: Link removed - Self promotion]

My WP Conversion : Link

First review : [Reviewer1] : Soft-Rejected , 9 points to fix. (I fix all points)
Second review : [Reviewer2] : Soft-Rejected, other 9 points totally different from reviewer & starts to mention design problems. (I fix all points, i also design new sections)
Third review : [Reviewer3] : Hard-Rejected (i mean i have the item still soft-rejected but he paste a totally predefined message regarding design "Your item does not provide the necessary design quality to compete in the marketplace at this time bla bla bla ")

Just want to hear some histories to see what can i do :stuck_out_tongue:


Try to resubmit again and in the comment section write that “this is the wp version of this approved psd” and put the link for the reviewer to see. This happens a lot lately… I don’t know what is wrong with the reviewers, a design approved 2 months ago can’t be outdated!

Its not bad but check your validation

Its what i think, but in my first submission i put the link to the PSD and i mention it.
Its crazy, well … thank you :blush: