Is this allowed?


This item is a supported item and I think “installation of the item” is not included in item support, right?

Honestly I don’t see why it shouldn’t be allowed. An author may even suggest to insert the content of the buyer for him. Will it be profitable or wise at all is another question.

Buyers actually need these type of services so they don’t spent much time in installing demo content. In other hand, it doesn’t take much time for author to install the demo content.

Its not allowed.

Nope, it’s not allowed. see Item Promotion Guidelines:


The new item support policy is made to standardize item support on Envato Marketplaces and to do that properly, these kinds of things shouldn’t be allowed. There are rules here and “everybody” have to follow these rules.

Seems Envato is forbidding it officially, didn’t know about that point. As of the rules, my statement was my personal opinion. Have seen it before - an author overpromising, then under-delivering then changing the policy and removing any such mentions of “Free” perks.