Is this allowed ( sell a plugin and give a theme included ) ?

Today I noticed when viewing a plugin for wordpress ( Visual Composer Extensions - Massive Addons - All In One Ultimate Addon Pack ) the author is include a Theme + 18 Page Templates, along with the plugin, for the price of $19 !!!

Is this allowed?
That’s correct?
This is despair?

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It’s not a theme in classic sense (for example TF would definitely reject it). The main and only purpose of the theme they are providing is to showcase the functionality provided within the plugin in real scenario. I have purchased a few licenses from them - great product with great functionality.

Not a theme, are you sure? lol
I leave here the description used in the product details.

And I can confirm to you is a complete theme, with all the features of a theme.

I think it’s not allowed :confused:


This is wrong :rage:

Don;t think so buddy

Not ok: Bonus files such as free content or a lite version of the item.

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I have seen lesser themes on ThemeForest, selling for about $49, so offering a theme like that for “free” seems like a major distortion to me as well. The only thing it is “missing” are the by now expected features like an included version of Visual Composer itself and maybe a slider plugin (LayerSlider or Revolution Slider). But as far as theme features go, it is a fully fledged out theme and it does in fact not seem fair to other similar plugins that sell based on the plugin features, and not because they feel the need to throw in another item that could be valued at multiple times the price of the plugin itself.

They even say that the theme will be further developed … and with features like Mega Menu, it already goes far beyond a basic “showcase” theme and Envato should in fact put a stop to such behavior.

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Agreed. This is not regular.
I believe Envato should evaluate that.

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Amazing Idea, Concept and execution, those guys NAILED it.
Amazing work.

Most Visual Composer extention packs include a free starter theme. I love massive add-ons! Love ultimate add-ons too. I Love Visual Composer!!!

I am sorry to disagree but I know no other plugin that does it.
I understand that you like, because who does not like to pay little and get a lot.
The problem is, is that right for authors who sell themes?

Why not include Visual Composer also?
This was going to be big business.

I think I’ll do it !!!
Ah, and by the way why not include avada !!!

The only add-ons for VC that do include a theme are Ultimate and Massive (which are coincidentally also the only decent selling add-ons that are sold by authors that ALSO sell themes on ThemeForest) … no other add-ons include a theme; but luckily there are still some very good add-ons around (Composium, VCE All-In-One) that sell well even without having to include a free theme in order to draw in buyers. And let’s not kid ourselves, the themes included by Ultimate and Massive are premium products that could easily be admitted to (and approved by) ThemeForest as standalone products.

Besides the fact that it is clearly against Envato rules, it is a sad statement that authors think they have to “spice” up their product with giveaways like that, instead of fairly competing on the merits of their plugin alone. Of course buyers are drawn to items like that, if they think they get more than just the item they actually pay for. Also, prices on CodeCanyon are set by Envato based on the plugin’s features, and naturally do NOT take into account the added value of those giveaways, which is what really distorts the market. If both Ultimate and Massive would be priced taking their included premium theme into account, they would be significantly more expensive than their competition (that do not include a theme), which would immediately remove that little “edge” they currently enjoy (only by breaking the rules that are put in place to actually prevent it from happening in the first place).

That is not to say that either of those plugins are bad (they are NOT) … but it is BAD practice to entice buyers with those freebies/bonuses while simultaneously undermining Codecanyon and ThemeForest as markets In general, if all the sudden plugins/scripts come with themes included. It is bad enough that buyers now basically expect every theme on ThemeForest to include a bunch of free premium plugins … should the same now really happen on CodeCanyon as well, just in reverse?