Is this allowed now ?

I’ve seen a WordPress theme which provided a HTML demo instead of live WordPress installation.
Is this allowed now ?
This way is easy to cheat on GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights and other performance-checking tools.
(almost no requests to server are made, no mysql queries executed, but WordPress is known for using relatively slow queries)

Also, theme features itself as “SEO Optimized”, but

  1. It doesn’t use microdata markup
  2. It doesn’t use right markup and structure for (titles shuould be h1)
    What SEO are we talking about ? If optimization comes from plugin, then this is not related to theme, and should not be advertised as theme functionality.

And I remember getting soft rejected for a “console.log” … this theme has errors and warnings in console, and it’s up and going.

So, since when we’re allowed to provide HTML demo for WordPress themes ?


I join the questions raised here.

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