is this acceptable flyer, or want some edit ? -HELP-

Hi envato friends and team
plz help me is this acceptable flyer or want some edit and what is the edit u want to make to make it acceptable
and plz don’t reply with requirement page because i do as i understand

and this image from the psd file

With respect this is way off the standard for here.

There are issues with most fundamentals including spacing, alignment, hierarchy and typography, etc.

You would find it easier to take a little time and familiarise yourself with the expected quality and start something new rather than trying to salvage this one

FIRST thanks for quick reply , and plz do u have link or video for standard quality of the design ?
Second , envato shouldn’t reject design for spacing, alignment, hierarchy and typography, etc because its design and some people like it with this spacing, alignment, hierarchy and typography, etc
its design so to add some creativity we should make some thing new in spacing, alignment, hierarchy and typography, etc.

There are no general standards videos etc because each item should seek to be different.

As long as an item addresses best practice, offering premium quality design/features/functionality, and is original work then that should be enough.

However, envato will always base their reviews on technical standards. There are plenty of ways in which to be unique or more creative whilst still applying best practice. That type of skill is what sets premium and professional standards apart from the rest.

there is so much to say that this is hard to get to know what to start with indeed, many things have been basically mentioned by @charlie4282. The fact of the matter is that u are violating all or almost all design basic principles … Alignment is more than strange and varying all the way , contrast is not that good ,especially for the logo part with a white on top of a clear color … repetition, u do not have this much either … Proximity is no where to be seen from where is sit …

in addition, let’s face it, combinations of colors are far from being convincing and being harmonious, the black comes out of the blue. BTW, colors are not the ones usually associated with medical themes … i am not even mentioning the rainbow like colors of the text and icons , yellow, green, red, well, sorry to say just this buddy, but this part is going to hurt any designer’s eyes , for sure …

half hiding the title is not a good idea either, the combination of small geometric shape is not sufficient for a place like this … u need to bring originality and real graphic work to the table, all is way too basic, to be honest a pro would not buy this , as they would not be conviced by what u offer and would not consider paying rather than doing by themselves if they need something a bit in this style …

the typo consist of blocks of basic texts with a basic font, here u are expected to bring a real work in this side , unless u will never make it for sale, u van take this for granted …

the only thing is disagree with Charlie is about hierarchy that is rather good as main parts are more “valued” (i am conscious that the expression is more than far fetched in this case) than the rest

to sum up u have a whoooooooole lot of work ahead buddy to make it possibly accepted here, this is the bottom line, but do not lose courage, take your time, put effort and time in what u do and u will get through tremendous progress, Rome City was not built within a day according to the old french saying, keep this in mind, and think about what all the others guys have been through to be where they are today, take it a motivation to reach higher grounds :slight_smile:

can you help me edit my flier please. i just purchased it

hi what are u looking for pls?