Is this a new requirement for WordPress themes?


The reviewer gave me feedback to do all links must be functionality. Is that a new requirement?

Can’t we use fake links for the buttons and footer menu etc anymore? It’s very strange :neutral_face:

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with respect your item is a wp theme not a html. So, in foooter you should use widgets and widgets menus should come with real link. how customer will accept that Blog, contact, about etc important page link are not working where it is a wordpress theme! so, I agree with the reviewer you should place real link widgets or use another widgets in footer.


Thank you I agree with it!

But how about this? Those videos from the reviewer.

just think as a customer. what you would like? will you like a wp theme where Read more, view details button are not working. use your wordpress knwledge and make all necessary links/button (where appropriate) workable.