Is this a mistake, a bug or both?


On the Kits category, to my surprise, I noticed a ‘Sort by Price’ search option and my curiosity didn’t let me leave without trying it out. And… just look what I found… :smiley:
I think this is an author’s mistake in first place and the reviewer didn’t noticed that but, in the end, it is a serious bug because the system shouldn’t let you post a normal track in the Kits category. There are a lot of differences between a track and a Kit that the system should ‘notice’. As an example if your upload don’t include a Documentation.pdf and the word ‘Kit’ at the end of its name is it a Kit?!
Well, I will not say one more word upon a subject which is so tasteful to me that is this wonderful search engine we all love! cough cough


That’s definitely a glitch on your end because it doesn’t exist as a kit???

It’s in music, as it should be:

Try searching it again it is probably being dumbbbbb


Well, from your link It seems the track was deleted! Anyway, I can assure you that my picture above is for real and the track appeared in my search weirdly sorted by ‘lowest to hi’ priced kits as a music kit as you can see in my picture. Of course it was a track, I also visited its item page.