Is this a good or bad melody for Audiojungle?

Hello everyone:) I prod a lot of tracks, but many item, has been rejected. Answer, please Is this a good or bad melody/track for Audiojungle? Also I noticed that many authors use loops samples/melodys of pro libraries. In some projects i used royalty free samples too. So I can use and sell them (if they are marked royalty free loops samples) or is it still not legal?
I hope I didn’t take much of your time. Thanks!

Composition Pop Corporate Piano
p.s yes in this composition use of part piano melody from royalty free loops samples (i wrote a few notes) that item, has been rejected.


I’m sorry to say but this is pretty far from approval standards.

The piano is too harsh with no velocity variation, the melody is too repetitive and not very interesting. The drums sound really bad, too dry and fake. And where is the bass??! Without it, the mix sounds empty and incomplete.

Regarding loops, they can be used (with parsimony), as long as they are not the main element of your track. For instance a drum loop may be fine, but a loop that plays the melody is not.

From what I hear here, you are not quite ready to sell music on AJ. You will have to work on your skills before thinking about it. I don’t mean to be harsh, but you’re wasting your time by pushing tracks that are so far from AJ standards.

Thanks for the answer:) I see standard Audiojungle switches to loud sound (because all my “loud” tracks have been approved) Cyberpunk 2088 if you do not mind what you say on this track Beauty Fashion Lounge House Thanks!

The piano is playing a backing riff, not a melody [unless you build on the theme]. No bassline.

Oh, I see that you have over 200 items approved on AJ already!, So I was wrong, and you are ready to submit. I would have never guessed from hearing that corporate track.

Your track Beauty Fashion sounds much better, though there again, it sounds like there’s no bass. But as the piano and the kick fill the low end, this is less problematic for this track.

thanks for your reply:)