Is this a good design?

What do you think about this flyer design?
How can improve this?


  1. QR Code a little larger or standout;
  2. The font on the word “Night” looks wrong;
  3. A year at the end of the date would be useful.

Apart from that looks nice and promising. Good luck

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Thanks for the comment.
What kind of font do you suggest for the ‘Night’?

Balthazar, Blackout (maybe in Neon), Dancing Script, Decorated 035, Lucida Calligraphy Italic

Also have you tried perhaps different colour schemes like hot pinks instead of the blues. That way you can offer two or three looks of your flyer? People respond to colours differently.

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Thank you. I will try these fonts and colors. :blush:

Looks like it works.

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Colours look nice - it makes it stand out more :slight_smile:

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