Is this a fair advertising?

There is a theme on the market that is selling for a very low price since launch (that’s ok, it is allowed), however I noticed that author is pulling some ‘tricks’. For example they are advertising theme as best rated, but there were some non 5* stars reviews, and author was quite pushy towards clients who left these reviews asking them to request a refund so the rating is removed. Now they even set 1 million + $ price for one of their other themes to drive traffic, and guess what, once you open that theme page or preview you are presented their new theme instead of real one?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What do you guys think, is this a fair advertising? While I wish best of luck to fellow authors, IMO such ‘advertising’ is not ethical towards clients and author community. :slight_smile:

That’s false advertise, you can report it Envato support

Let me tell you a story, friend…:

There is an “author” who blatantly copies other authors’ work (even the “comments” section of the code is the same) , gets 1 star ratings continuously (even the best authors get a “1 star rating” but that’s not the case here) , their items’ “comment” sections are full of complaints from their customers and there is not any single response from them for days, their items don’t work as described in their items’ description, they upload the same design weekly, and finally, they are still selling in this marketplace.

These ratings were removed after buyers were pushed to ask for a refund, so rating stays at 5* :slight_smile: