Is this a double standard or just missed the point by Envato ??


Hi Fellow Authors,

Now a days Envato have imposed strict rules and tough standards for new items to be approved on themeforest, Its a good thing to maintain marketplace quality. and some time review team ask us to do what is not required like remove echo $ for data validation even for static data, Ok no problem its good practice to remove echo $ to avoid any risk and save review team’s time . they asked to used plugin for custom post types, Again its logically valid requirement to save user data on theme switching, and there are many things like that but my question is,

Whether this requirement is only for new authors and new items or all items on market place ???

if this is for all the exiting items too then please disable all themeforest WordPress themes because all previously approved items before mid of 2015 are includes echo $

almost all themes approved before 2015 includes custom post types in themes not plugin

if those items can not be fixed then i can say this is double standard.


Still updated some old themes and leave it, still passed get approved.
This is for new items, I don’t see any check on this on some of my updated items I’ve worked for other teams.