Is this a bad sign for sells of a track?

Hi! A very often I see this on my tracks in the statistics (please see the screenshot). I want to ask you: Is this a bad sign for sells of my track? I just don’t understand what this sign means. Thanks a lot for the explanation!


Hi, Ashot, if it’s a statistics of the fresh item it can change with time. In general it’s not very good to have 100% bounce rate of course…

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Thanks a lot!) Can you explain me what “bounce” means? What is the “bounce”? From whom “bounce”? Thanks for the explanation!

From what I understand, it’s the percentage of people visiting your page then leaving audiojungle. So if someone was to click a link to your item from youtube, then leave rather than purchasing or viewing something else on audiojungle, that contributes to your bounce rate. I may be wrong though


Thanks a lot for the explanation!)

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