Is there way to key verification in active plugin on codecanyon?

We want to know the key verification method. If someone will buy the plugin from codecanyon then the plugin will not active till plugin user will not add the random key which will be provided by codecanyon.

I have checked Envato API, But there is an option for creating the APP and do authorize option. I didn’t get “Authenticating with OAuth” method (

Does Codecanyon provide such type of option?

If I understand right, you want buyer to be able to download the item and upload it to his website right after purchase, but item should be activated only when purchase code is confirmed? In other words, buyer should enter his purchase code into purchased plugin, then plugin verifies this code on Envato, and if code is correct, plugin is activated?

If that’s the case, you may want to check out the Auto PHP Licenser -

It does exactly what you need, plus much more. It can lock activations to specific domains/IPs, limit the number of installations, etc.