is there no support with live help?

I bought a year subxcripion, have a bunch of pending work - log in, cannot download anything, wants me to subscribe even though I have - and absolutely NO tech support? How do I request a refund???

Hello and welcome!
If you are on that exact account for which you have active subscription, then it would be very unusual that you can not download items. Please also make sure that you are trying to download items from Envato Elements, not from Envato Market as those two are very different. Subscription works only on Envato Elements. Items from Envato Market you can buy only, while items on Envato Elements can be downloaded within subscription.

To get help with downloads or to request refund please submit a request here and Envato support team will respond as soon as they get to your request in their ticket system. Everything about subscription refunds you will find on this page.



To me it sounds like you may have paid for a year subscription, but then your payment was cancelled or rejected, therefore why you probably cannot download anything, and why you are being asked to subscribe. If the payment was not successful, or your payment method did not go through, then its hard to request a refund if no payment ever got made :wink: