Is there no solution of this problem πŸ˜•



Facing a problem about saving artboards in illustrator. Please help me, if anyone has a solution.

I take multiple artboards in a document illustrator_CC version and create my artwork in every artboard then I save in .ai (CC). It was ok when I re-open the file.
But when I saved the same illustrator_CC file in .ai (CS) or a lower version, there was only one artboard present and other art boards are gone. Instead of the artboard, there was showing guidelines of artboards.

This is very much helpful if the problem solved.
Thank You


Hi, have you tried to make the version CS in the option to save the file differently?


Yes, I’m trying to save the CC in different versions.

I’m trying so much to solve the problem but I can’t.
I know this is very much common to save the file in its older version with artboard but it is my first time to work with so many artboards.