Is there earnings calculation feature available?

Hi there,

How i can get my earnings value of each item per month? I didn’t observe this feature available.

Go to your portfolio and you can search by sales and commission. Needs to be in list view though, not grid view.

@SpaceStockFootage it gives me the total earnings per item. I’m asking for “Monthly” earnings for each item!

It says the per month amount in brackets.

@SpaceStockFootage This value you are talking means Total value / Total months = Average amount per month.

I’m talking about if envato would make some feature to list individually item earnings per month, such Oct -> 120$ , Nov -> 135$.

Ah right, I see what you mean. The ‘sales robot’ app shows you a graph with per item, per month sales… although they’re all bundled into one graph, so if you have a lot of items then it can be hard to read.

@SpaceStockFootage This doesn’t bring what i’m talking about. I think this feature i’m asking for is very important in case if i want to know how is the accurate sales earnings value of items per individual month.

Also this really needed in the case of partnering with another author to get an accurate and quick calculation for earnings, rather than making a hard work to search in each monthly statement file!!