Is There Copywrite issue On YouTube Video

Hi I Create A theme in HTML and I use sass and pattern no I explain this in the document but the only thing remaining is the compiler I am using koala It’s a free compiler I mention this compiler for compiling sass and a youtube video on how to use it will there be a Copywrite issue or not
Thank You

You don’t have to explain how to use SASS compiler in your template documentation. That is a general knowledge. You can put a link in the documentation to the compiler you recommend and that’s it.

Hi sir I have One More Question My theme Got Hard Rejected
is it because I upload the Theme with the Demo image can that be a Cause of Rejection
and I don’t have a hosting so does that mean Envato is not going to give my client a live preview Of the Site

You need to host your live preview somewhere for your theme to be even reviewed.

I would also recommend to NOT upload your theme with demo images unless you are 100% sure you have the right license for them.

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Thank You Sir