is there any way to test a theme before buying?

I want to test a theme is it possible?


Testing isn’t possible but you can ask any kind of question about your chosen theme before purchasing
Just go to you chosen item comments tab and ask your question.


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Each theme has live preview to test the theme functionality. So, just go to theme details page and click on go to live preview button and check the theme functionality (frontend) but unfortunately you will not be bale to check backend because theme auhtor will not provide backend access for security reason. Also you can ask theme author about the theme online documentation where you will get more information about backend functionality.

Hope will help.


Thanks , Sure the live preview can give me a good idea but there are some other facts that unless I sit down to work I won’t know .

you can check live preview and you like the preview and have any pre-purchase query you can ask those to theme author through theme commnets page. theme auhtor will be happy for your interest and reply you. Thanks

It’s not viable to have testing environments as authors themselves have to host the demo and this would be a significantly greater investment for them, when realistically only a small % of buyers would have the knowledge or take the time to use that functionality.

Also it may cause an unrealistically negative perception if someone can’t immediately work out test functionality without taking a reasonable amount of time to read documentation etc. No author will be able to please all buyers straight out of the box