Is there any way to temporarily disable the visibility of my items?

I requested that the exclusivity of my items is changed from exclusive to non-exclusive because I’m going to upload my items on other non-exclusive websites.

The request needs 30 days to be processed (what a nice surprise from AJ!) and I don’t want (it’s not allowed) to keep my items on AJ’s exclusive account public while they are public on other non-exclusive libraries.

Are my only options to either wait 30 days or just delete them right now?

The exclusivity policy is clear:

You can change the exclusivity status of an account at any time, but when opting out you will need to wait 30 days until the change takes effect. At the end of the 30 day period (from the day on which you change your account status), you will be free to offer the items in that account outside of Envato and the author fee you pay to Envato will change to the non-exclusive rate. Opting into exclusivity takes effect immediately.

So my advice would be to wait 30 days to avoid any penalties such as running the risk of having your account banned for breaching the policy :cold_sweat:


Thanks, I’ll do that, I guess there’s no point in writing support.

Well, isn’t that convenient…

I see what you mean but this is marketplace policy which you signed up for. We can debate if the current restrictions are sensible or not, but that’s the playground and the rules and we all play by the same rules.

You may not like it but it’s marketplace first and Envato call the shots. If you want to sell something, they have the inventory and the customers :sweat_smile::v:t5:

I take it all back, thanks to the support team, they temporarily disabled my tracks! :partying_face: