Is there any way to see the keywords which buyer found our product? 🤔

I think it would be very effective for us and for buyers if we would see the exact keywords which bring them to our product to buy.

We would understand their needs and their “minds” better.

Is there any way to find these keywords?

sure, try Google Analytics

Great! I created account now, I see in envato settings I can input only one “Tracking ID”. What if i want create “Property” for each of my videohive item?

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And where can I find info about keywords?


:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: You are right @secondfalseiteration

Keywords are indeed not provided and are intentionally hidden by google due to privacy. However a while back I’ve noticed that Google search console does provide this information except unfortunately I cannot add my Envato product pages to it.

So what I’ve ended up doing is I link my site to Google search console and then link that to Google analytics. It’s not the same but a compromise that has worked so far.

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Only one tracking ID, so within the single profile you will see the performance of all your product pages. It would be nice if Envato supported Google search console. Unfortunately they do not at the moment.

Do you see the keywords? Did I got you right?

So when you say “I link my site to Google search console”, you mean your envato profile?

No, I link my website to Google search console. It is not yet possible to link your Envato product pages :frowning:

I use my own website to see keywords, because that can be linked to Google search console. I then link this to Google analytics so that I can view all data in one place.

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To get this right, these keywords have nothing to do with the keywords they enter into envato market search or google that will land them on the envato item pages, correct?

Linking your website to google does not magically expand the abilities you have in seeing stats for stuff going on on envato market, or does it?

Cause I think that is the question from DrMotion.

Yes, exactly.

Okay, so simple answer to DrMotion: No. There is no way to see the keywords which the buyer used to find your product.


Thank you for clarifying!

Got you. Hoping one day Envato add the Google search console :slight_smile:

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