Is there any way to request for soft rejection before approval?


Hi friends,

I have a fresh idea in my mind for Themeforest category and I’ve already designed it as PSD files but I think it’s better for me to come up with wp version at first place because I think it may shock the market and sell very well, from the other side I’m afraid my design’s copyrights is being stolen and the design is being copied so I’ve decided to submit my template under PSD category but not for approval,

Now, the question I have is that, how I can make it only a soft rejected item?

Can I ask reviewer to only soft reject it? Or is there any other way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!


What do you mean

So you’ve submitted an item knowing it’s not the acceptable standard? Is that not a bit of a waste of the reviewers and other authors’ time?

If you’ve submitted it as a PSD then it will either be approved or rejected as that - the exact outcome is only down to the reviewer and no one else has a say in that.

If it is genuinely something new and stand out then you may benefit from it being approved first as a PSD to see if it works for the marketplace.

There’s nothing stopping you going ahead and trying to code it now irrelevant of what regrow feedback you get on the PSD.

If you are that worried about copyright then you can always share a demo page of the design here in the forums - I doubt anyone would be able to rip the concept once you have shared a copy.


He bro,

I think you misunderstood, I’m a ui designer and I’ve never gotten rejection here on different profiles, I’m sure my design will get approved but I only want it to get soft rejected, I don’t want people see my idea for now (till I develop wp version)


I admire your confidence but with respect you shouldn’t have submitted it if you don’t want people to see it.

You have two choices:

  1. leave it alone and IF it gets approved then it will go public when you can then remove it if necessary (bear in mind that once removed then you cannot resubmit It later).

  2. remove the item from the downloads queue before a reviewer sees it and passes judgement.

Again if you are worried about it being ripped I would share it here in public - no one can code it up instead of you once it has been shared publicly.


Yes no one can code it but what about idea? I see different copies of successful everyday here on TF with some small changes in design but the fact is “IDEA”

So, I’ll upload it now and ask from reviewer to see if he/she can soft reject my item if it has the approval chance or not.

BTW, I didn’t said something to get someone’s admiration, I only explained the situation :slight_smile:


I really really would not upload asking for a soft rejection - the reviewer could take an extremely dim view of that as a tactic.

Of course, without seeing your design no one can comment but you simply have the choice to remove it from the current review queue or submit it properly. Trying to use the submission or the reviewer as a way to protect your copyright is not going to go down well.


In short, just remove your item from review queue , so it will not be reviewed. Then release your WordPress version first then again upload in the PSD category?