Is there any way to randomly shuffle the videos displayed in the recommend collection?

Hello, I have a question while editing my sales videos page.

On the video editing page, There is a function to add the uploaded video into collection, and to notify the customer of the collection list through a recommendation at the bottom of the video.

I use this feature because I want to inform customers of other videos in the same collection.

However, only the same 3 videos are always displayed in the added list, and these are the first 3 videos included in the collection.

Customers can click ‘View Collection’ to see a list of all collections, but confusion is expected if there are many videos in the collection.

I want to show 3 videos recently added to my collection or shuffle randomly.

I am wondering if there is any other way I do not know.

Thank you.


No, there is not. Only the 3 first added items will be shown there. If envato would show the 3 recently added items, this feature would have a lot more use.

You can create a specific “featured” collection and only have 3 items in there, or remove and add items so that other items get shown. But there is no other way than removing the oldest 3 items to show other ones.


ok, I’ll create and update a new collection.

I want Envato to update this feature to change randomly.

Thank you for answer.

I wouldn’t hold my breath for this to change ever :slight_smile: This is like this since the introduction of this feature several years ago and it will most probably stay like this.

All we authors can do is accept this and act accordingly.

You can create several collections for specific genres, for example one collection with Particle Projects, one with Corporate Projects.

Wherever you see it fit, you add the corresponding collections to the item description. You can update these collections from time to time and have that updated through all your items where you want to advertise these kind of item.

There is actually one exception to the “the 3 oldest items get shown”. If you advertise a collection where the item itself is in it, it will not be shown. It will be skipped and the 3 oldest items besides that will be displayed. You could have a collection of 4 items and on each item you add this collection you will advertise the other 3.

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I tried to put all of the same kind of videos in the collection, manage and advertise at the same time. But thanks to your words, I realized that it was wise to manage them separately. Thank you.