Is there any way to buy items for using in a template I want to sell?

There are a lot of beautiful assets on GraphicRiver. I’d like to purchase them, and incorporate them in a web template that I make, and then sell the web template on theme forest or wrapbootstrap or something similar.

Reading the standard license and extended license, it doesn’t sound like that is allowed. Is there any other option for buying and/or working with the artists and authors in order to achieve this?


You need permission from the original author

hi normally, as for i know, for this , u need to have the extended licence … this is ok to sell a work u have done to a third person but not to included the asset unless u have the extended licence

@n2n44 The extended license:

This seems to say that you can’t use it in stock items/templates.

I’m wondering if I want to make a template, is there any place I can get assets from?

@charlie4282 Are you suggesting that you can buy a standard license, then ask the author for permission to include it in a template? And that won’t violate envato license terms?

well i am not an expert for such technique / rights issues, u should ask @charlie4282, @mgscoder or @XioxGraphix who are fine technicians and have a real expertise for all kind of these issues indeed, no doubt that they will tell u accurately what is possible or not :slight_smile:

Hi @twigflame no license (regular or extended) will give you permission to sell the item. you must have to get permission from the original item author. In short you have to make author collaboration.

Requesting collaborations

Envato have a new, dedicated form to use when requesting your collaborations which provides us with all the information we need to record your collaboration and get you on your way faster. After you have submitted your request to Envato, you and your collaborator will receive a confirmation email with a ticket number.

Once you receive confirmation you can submit your item for review, quoting the ticket number in notes to the reviewer.

If I reach out and collaborate with the author, and they agree that I can pay for the extended license, then use their assets in a template that I sell – I would then need to use that form to document that agreement in order to submit my asset.

I think I understand that correctly.

if the author agree then you don’t need to buy extended license just you have to pay whatever you and the author will come to agreement (as like percentage for each sell or whatever).

Thank you for the insight! Very helpful.

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